Measure your carbon footprint

In a world where sustainability is becoming more & more popular, you might be interested to work out your own personal carbon footprint.
Whether you are looking to reduce your footprint or just interested in how big (or small) it is, it is a fun exercise to try out.

This takes into account your daily life including energy used, waste created & distance traveled.

Give it a go here:

Or try a farmer specific calculator:

Money saving calculator for retirement

For those who are interested in having a decent chunk of money saved up by the time you retire, you might enjoy using a retirement planner calculator to help set yourself up.

Remember even a small contribution to a well set up savings account can accumulate to a nice nest egg.

Storage Space Calculator

Finding storage is never easy, & finding the right unit size can ensure you don’t end up paying for empty space!

It’s easier than you think to work this out with the below calculator, simply just select which items you have to store broken down into rooms & watch your required storage space add up to a number you can work with. You can then type in your suburb & find a wide range of options with different storage companies & even neighbors willing to rent their spare spaces to you.

Life Expectancy Calculator

Now, this might seem a bit doomy for some people, but if you’re brave enough to give it a go it is interesting to see what details are required that make the largest difference on how long you live.

Just be prepared to answer questions on your diet, family cardiovascular history, blood pressure, how you handle stress & whether you buckle up.

Calculate recipe nutrition

This era of healthy eating has more & more people watching & measuring what they eat. Cooking at home from a recipe may make it difficult to find out the nutritional value, but fear not, of course, there is a calculator for that!

Check out the nutritional facts of any recipe with this calculator: