Moving House? Don’t throw money away!

Moving house is a big life change, and with it comes many costs (expected & unexpected) that can quickly add up. Whether you’re moving around the corner or around the world, it will likely take more cash that you might have anticipated.

So here are five tips and ideas for you to some money on your move.

1. Get rid of unnecessary items

First up, get rid of all the unnecessary clutter in your life. Unless you are looking to star in a TV episode of hoarders, then ask yourself if you really need those items that you have been storing for a rainy day that has never come.

Here are some easy ways for you to dispose of your extra items :

Hold a garage sale.

You can advertise it on those platforms:

Give away :

You can leave your books to your local library or sell them to a used bookstore.

Most charities will come and pick up some of your goods if you give them a call early enough. Check with your local charities :

For those items, you do wish to hold on to but don't have enough space to store them, the Kiwi startup All Space has cheap, local storage solutions with their peer to peer storage community.

2. List your moving requirements & save big

One company making moves in the moving space is Wise Move. They allow users to list their items to be transported with required dates & let movers work this in with their scheduling.

By utilising vacant routes & capacity, it can certainly help you keep costs down with moving costs being a significant financial outlay.

Check them out here:

3. Packaging - Don’t pay for what you can get free!

Many moving companies sell boxes but there are often more expensive. The best way to get free used moving boxes is by asking the grocery stores or liquor/wines stores if they have any boxes available.

And of course, there is always trademe where you can find some good deals for used moving boxes.

If you still want to buy new boxes, we found that the cheapest boxes can be found at bunnings.

Some companies will actually sell you new or used quality boxes, and will then buy them back for a 30% refund once you’ve moved and unpacked:

4. Book movers early

If you book your movers early enough and are flexible with your time, you can get some better prices.

Avoid moving during holidays time or during weekends. If those are the only time you can do it, make sure you book them well in advance.

5. Get quotes

A quick bit of market research can go a long way. Whether it's a moving company or truck hire, always get at least a couple of quotes. This will help you compare prices & negotiate a better deal.

If you are looking to hire professional movers, there are some websites that enable you to compare some quotes and also allow users to leave their feedback after using the company services. It might be worth it to have a look:

Otherwise, if you are a DIY type & prefer to use a trailer or hire a truck, make sure you entice your strong friends with a box of Heineken’s!

5. Know what your costs will be

When you get a quote always ask about any additional costs that may be added on. Most of us just assume that the price quoted is the final price of the service rendered.

A moving company should ask you if your current home or the ones you are moving into has any stairs they need to navigate if there is

adequate parking in front or if the truck will fit in the driveway, etc.. As an example, if the movers cannot park in front of your home, they might need to use a smaller truck to transfer your items.

If you decided to rent a truck, you need to find out if mileage is included and just how many miles are covered. Also, the details of the insurance policy and whether you're completely covered.