If #wanderlust has you anxious to pack your bags but your bank account has you feeling anxious for a whole different reason, you can be left feeling frustrated and discouraged. For many of us, the dreams of travelling seem too far out of reach for one very specific reason: Money.

If given a million dollars tomorrow, the majority of people would place travelling the world as a top priority, many of us packing our bags that very day and heading to the nearest airport. And while that million dollars might not be coming our way anytime soon, that doesn’t mean that we have to pack away our hopes of travelling.

In fact, many of the people we see flooding our Instagram and social media accounts with incredible travel pictures don’t actually have any more money than you do right now.

What’s the difference?

They’re being smart with how they get from point A to point B, using the secrets of avid travellers and leveraging them so that travelling isn’t just a dream; it’s a plan.

Below you’ll find 8 super smart tips for travelling the world on a tight budget. These tips, no matter how obvious or small they might seem, actually make a big difference. And they’re what’s separating you from those who travel and those who just wano.

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1. Work for food and accommodation.

Also known as a “work exchange,” there are loads of opportunities around the world for people looking to travel but who don’t have the budget to pay for months of accommodation and meals. The Worldpackers website is a great resource to explore these unique opportunities. From Brazil to France, your adventure awaits - all you need is a flight!


2. Get yourself on a boat.

Want to see the world and learn new skills? Right now there are thousands of boats looking for crew members. Some of these positions are paid, others aren’t, but all of them guarantee you an adventure of a lifetime. (And lots of stamps in your passport!) The best place to get started on this sailing adventure is by creating a profile on FindACrew.net.


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3. Rent your current room or house.

For most of us, our budgets are tight because of rents and mortgages. In fact, this responsibility is one of the main reasons people feel tied down and unable to travel. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to keep your space paid for while you’re away. Check out popular sites like Airbnb and Look After Me to list your space so that you have the freedom to travel as you want!


4. Take care of personal belongings.

Aside from finding someone to rent your space, most people stop planning their travels because they don’t know what to do with all of their stuff. While commercial spaces are an option, these can be very expensive, which can be one expense too much for those of us on a budget. However, there is a better, more affordable way to store your things while you travel. For 40% less than most commercial spaces, the Kiwi platform All Space offers you a trusted way to find people near you who are happy to store your boxes and things while you’re away!


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5. Find a shared ride.

While travelling, transportation from place to place can start to add up, taking a toll on your limited budget. Be smart by learning to share rides, leveraging services like BlaBlaCar to get you from the Louvre to Notre Dame at a price you can afford.


6. Stay with friendly locals for free.

Also known as “couch surfing,” there are loads of people around the world, most of them avid travellers or local enthusiasts, who are happy to let you crash on their sofa in exchange for good stories. To see which sofas are available for free or at a price much more affordable than a hotel, use Couchsurfing.


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7. Upgrade your housesitting resume.

Most of us have helped to take care of someone’s home while they’re away, but how many of us have done it overseas? Sound too good to be true? It’s not. You can create a house sitter profile on websites like Trusted House Sitters and Mind My House to get selected by someone overseas who wants to use your services while they’re away.


8. Make money while you travel.

No, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s just a smart way to put some extra cash back in your pocket while you travel from one place to the next. Using services like Grabr, you can actually get paid to deliver items along with your adventures. Want to plan a trip around deliveries? You can get rewarded big time by working in high-paying destinations like Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.

Whoever said you have to be rich to travel wasn’t thinking outside of the box. It’s not just possible, it’s fun too! So, get outside of your box and get out there. Your #wanderlust is waiting.