You might never have thought your business could be run from a storage unit. And maybe it can’t. But there’s a surprising amount of businesses that would benefit greatly from the opportunity it provides.


So before we get started, I thought it would be prudent to list a few of the reasons why running a business from a storage unit can be beneficial. These include minimal start-up costs & commitment along with very economical overheads. You can also increase or decrease your space easily & grow without needing to move premises.

Now let’s get into some of the ways you can make money from a storage unit!

1. Set up your own storage delivery service

  • This allows you to offer a service whereby you come to the door of the customer, relocate their items to a secure storage facility, and deliver a select number of all of them to them on request.
  • This is a simple margin model with opportunity for extras for on-call services

2. Be an online trader

  • These have grown in popularity with the increase in online trading, & using platforms such as Trademe, eBay, Amazon you’ve got a low budget inventory space. Whatever you are trading, there's margin to be made so keeping costs down is crucial to maintaining it.

3. Sales & Service

  • If your business comprises of working out of your car mostly, then a low-cost inventory space may be just what you need to store your equipment, signs, & product samples.
  • Don’t clutter up your home or pay costly warehouse rates for inventory when a neighbor or storage unit will do the trick!

4. Book dealers

  • Those in the game will know how much space is required for short-term inventory between printing & shipment to retails, & a frequently accessible storage unit ticks these boxes quite adequately.

5. Start an online clothing company

  • If you’ve got an idea for how you can get into the fast-expanding online retailing business, a storage unit can be useful. It will allow you to hold inventory received from direct from the factory in order for you to be able to brand it & access the niche in the market you have found.

6. Art Gallery storage

  • Art galleries often have a large number of pieces that aren't all on show at one time. A secure climate controlled storage unit is ideal for the slow inventory turn of a business such as this

7. Car storage

  • Commercial vehicle storage does come at a cost, however, if you have or rent a large yard that isn't being used there is a market for car storage that doesn’t necessarily need to be in a garage.
  • If it’s your own yard or to find one, you can visit a peer-to-peer storage marketplace such as All Space & start making money on unused space


8. Vintage Furniture Sales

  • A nice mahogany table or vintage leather couch can fetch some good cash from the right buyer, which is often worth waiting for. Again a slow moving inventory business requiring a decent amount of space at the lowest cost while preserving the goods – in step storage

9. Storage container rental

  • If you have some land that isn't being used, there’s an opportunity to purchase containers & rent them out for storage as an easy, low maintenance & fairly passive income source.