I don’t know about you, but there are some purchases I don’t mind diving into my wallet for, but then there are some purchases that really grind my gears.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with extreme negative connotations to certain purchases so I thought I would pass on the ways I try to limit these expenses.


They say you only need it when you need it. And often by the time you realise you need it, it’s too late.

When considering taking out insurance, there is always a mental trade off about the actual chance you might need to call upon it. Your individual risk appetite will determine how often you go with the safe option & pay up, however, one thing I have found is to not double up.

For example when renting a car overseas, always check what your travel insurance covers as it may cover motor vehicle insurance that the company will highly recommend you should buy. Also contents insurance may cover your cell phone which you pay an additional amount for!

Razor blades

Being a male who has to shave for work, I churn through a decent amount of razors every year & every time I need to top up my supply at the supermarket it hurts a little inside.

So my first action is to make my razors last longer, and I always remember being told that the main reason razors go blunt isnt from use but instead water corrosion! So simply dry them on your towel after you’ve used them & dramatically increase their life-span.


Otherwise, check out the guys at who have cleverly shaken up the razor industry, & if you haven’t seen their world famous (25m views) ad on YouTube, it’s worth a watch!


If you have ever had to arrange storage you’ll know that obtaining quotes from commercial storage facilities is an ordeal & only to find that the most affordable rates are a long way out of town.

You might be pleased to know that there is an alternative option in peer to peer storage where you can utilise your friendly neighbour’s unused space in their home, garage or driveway to store your car or belongings. Think of it as AirBnB but for storage.

Vehicle Maintenance


I’ll start with my advice… find yourself a friend who is a mechanic.

Because unless you know the inner workings of a car, I find myself reluctantly accepting the mechanics seemingly over-inflated charges & driving out of there not knowing if I have been taken for a ride or not.

Honourable mentions

Petrol - In this section because everyone knows how to reduce this but few are inclined to do so… however I do want to promote sustainability so next time you are upgrading your car think about an EV option or downsizing. And ofcourse.. ride a bike to work!

Dental costs - A niggly costs but often quite necessary & overdue! Only advice here is that it gets more expensive the longer you wait!!