Letting strangers stay in your home is not a new phenomenon. Bed'n'Breakfasts have been around for decades & the recent explosion of the market courtesy of online marketplaces shows that people are willing more than ever to open their homes to others.

It appears that people are becoming increasingly comfortable with a sharing economies (Uber, AirBnB, etc.) so it seems the floodgates are open for peer to peer marketplaces to exist & flourish.


So what if you want to make money from your home but do not have the time or the capacity to deal with all that it involves?

Many people get put off by the home preparation & upkeep, booking admin, logistical coordination, & still the risk of a renter trashing the place.

You might be interested to know that you can rent your home out for storage, cutting out a large chunk of the reservations people have about renting out to strangers to stay.

Whether it’s your garage, basement, attic, spare room, or driveway, there is a need in the community for local, affordable storage most commonly for items such as cars, boats & furniture

So why would you choose to rent your home for storage? Here are 5 reasons:

Passive income

Income is described as passive if you don’t have to do much to make it.
Renting out your space for storage often involves taking a photo & listing your space, a one-off meeting to ensure both parties are comfortable then the renter moves items in. The average rental period is 5 months & access to the items is often minimal AND determined by you the host.


Less Risk

Once you have met the renter & seen what is to be stored on your property, the risk profile is greatly reduced & you are in control of the security & accessibility of these items.
Why not?

You’re not using your garage anyway so why should it sit there unused?
Many people simply don’t know they could be making extra cash from space on their property while helping out a fellow neighbour to save money on expensive commercial storage costs. And once you gain comfort around.

Sense of community

The feel-good aspect is enough for many people, looking to be a part of the community & help out your neighbours while mutually benefitting both!

You’re in control

Once you have listed your space there is no requirement to rent it. You are encouraged to be 100% comfortable with the arrangement in order to commence the rental.


The world is moving towards sharing resources rather than creating. By sharing spaces this allows us to take steps towards a more sustainable future.

To check out a New Zealand company that is helping create local, affordable storage visit www.allspace.co.nz