Is your house feeling cluttered?

Want that minimalist look without having to sell up your possessions?

We thought we would put together a few tips of nifty ways to store your items so you can create space within your home.

1. Go high for infrequent use.

Don’t be afraid to hang those containers, bike or paddleboard up in your garage. A wall or ceiling mounted bracket system is cheap & easy to set up & can keep those chunkier items out of the way between uses, especially if you are not getting on them as much as you had planned!

2. Don’t neglect the doors.

There is often unused storage space on the inside of cupboard doors. A simple hook or racking system will allow you to utilize this space while keeping it out of sight!

3. TV hide & seek.

If you enjoy watching the odd bit of TV but don't want it to impede on your decor then a fold out table with some strong brackets may well do the trick.

4. Toy Zoo.

Unfortunately, kids aren’t as good at putting toys away as they are at taking them out. However, with the Toy Zoo, it is a fun way to store all those soft toys & who knows maybe your little one will enjoy putting them behind bars!

5. Bring in the experts.

Kiwi company Pimp My Garage pride themselves on putting in place quality storage systems & transforming your garage into a space that can be utilized for a wide range of options.

6. Tool walls to be proud of.

Most men are proud of their tool collections so why not show them off & at the same time create a storage system that even your most OCD friend would be proud of!

7. Wait!

Check for signs of dampness! Be careful when storing items in basements, given they are the lowest level of the house & often neglected they often do not have the same ventilation & sealings as your home leading to mildew & mould! If you see signs of dampness then think about waterproofing your basement to be able to make the most out of it. Stay away from storing wet items & be sure to check your windows & backside of carpets as these can be catchments for moisture!